Bo Jhenga – Seal Point Siamese
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Bo Jhenga is a Seal Point Siamese Cat with a very affectionate nature. She is a titled show cat and travels very well as a result, happy staying in hotels and working in busy environments.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

Bo Jhenga is used to people, children and noise and also travels very well so isn’t phased by any of the logistical issues of arriving to or working on a set. She is an adaptable cat with an intelligent and playful nature. Incredibly relaxed and well behaved, Bo Jhenga is a treat to work with.  A stunning cat with the classic Siamese look, she also uniquely has no whiskers!


Lead and harness trained,
Travel in a cat pram,
Weats pet clothing + accessories,
Works with props,

Cat Acting/Modelling ExperieWornce

Bo Jhenga is a titled show cat and she is a member of both GCCF and TICA. This photogenic Siamese has also appeared in one of her local newspapers and has undergone casting at home for a television cat food commercial.  She has worked with children and strangers having participated in a meet and greet at The National Pet Show.

Bo Jhenga has also appeared on the Hill’s Pet Food ‘Wall of Fame’ where she has been admired by many. An award-winning show cat, is well used to being handled and admired by judges.  Having won many titles for her breed via GCCF and TICA, Bo Jhenga was also recently awarded ‘Most Expressive Eyes‘, ‘Best of Colour‘ and ‘Overall Best Pedigree Pet‘ at The National Pet Show. She is a fine example of her Siamese breeding so makes for a wonderful cat model.






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