Bleu – Ragdoll
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Beautiful Bleu, a handsome looking ragdoll cat model and pet influencer. He is suitable for a wide range of work including fashion editorial, luxury photoshoots, social media campaigns and influencer marketing.

Bleu shares his home with his sister Snowflake, the pair spend their life living in luxury and constantly posing for the camera at any opportunity.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

Bleu is a breathtaking boy with his markings and incredible blue eyes. This boy would be perfect for anything “glitz and glam” themed, he would really suit the sparkles!

Besides that, Bleu is trained in basic obedience and is a fantastic cat to work with, he is typical of the ragdoll breed as he will just sit and be manoeuvred with ease for the perfect shot.


Can work outside
Travels well

Social Media Pet Influencer

Blue and his sister, Snowflake, are both popular cats on Instagram. Having a following of over 100K, they have quite the fanbase. Bot Bleu and Snowflake fill the page with their bright blue eyes always being a big focus point. Their page is more than ideal for influencer marketing, social media campaigns and brand awareness.

Bleu is an excellent cat model to work with and his social media an excellent means of advertising.

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