Beryl – Maine Coon
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Meet Beryl the Maine Coon cat model and social media influencer. This large cat is great for product placement or advertising campaigns that want a cat with that star power. Maine Coons are extremely large cats and Beryl is no exception to this rule.

Pet Acting / Modelling Ability

Beryl is full of fun and super intelligent. She follows her owners everywhere and loves being in the company of humans.

This nosy girl loves to play with her toys. With beautiful markings, a super fluffy tail and the cutest white socks she will really make your campaign pop. She has stunning eyes and is incredibly photogenic.

Not yet tested working with dogs this needs to be tested, however, she is curious of other cats and wants to make friends with them. She is better working with older, sensible children as she can sometimes be a little sensitive to loud noises.

Social Media Pet Influencer

As a multi-talented pet cat this girl is a blogger, influencer and a model, the triple threat of the cat modelling world!

She has a very popular Instagram page and is known as being very sweet and funny and also a bit of a fruitloop! She has a very loyal following.

Beryl has worked with Scrumbles pet food purely as an ambassador. She has also been in Your Cat Magazine as their Instagram star.

In all, this gorgeous cat is suitable for both modelling and social media jobs needing cat talent.



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