Balam – Oriental Short Hair
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Balam is a beautiful oriental short hair, he is a pet influencer. Suitable for social media campaigns, influencer marketing and brand awareness.

Social Media Pet Influencer

Balam is an incredibly popular pet influencer with a following on Instagram. He lives with three other cats, Chaska, Zog & Roo who accompany Balam on their day to day adventures. Balam is well known for his voice and how much he loves to chat with his owner, this is what has led to his growing popularity. You can’t help be laugh at his conversations.

Balam’s page is suitable for a number of projects including lifestyle work, brand awareness, social media campaigns and more.

Cat Modelling/Experience

Balam has already worked with some companies in the past; Bobsweep, Buppy store, Scruffy Paws Nutrition and Pickle & Onion.

With his popularity, Balam has a large online presence, making it perfect to get a large audience for almost any product. He is getting more and more popular by the day, which will only serve well for participating in certain campaigns and more.

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