Augustus – Ragdoll
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Augustus, a gorgeous ragdoll cat model. Has a luxurious coat and striking blue eyes. Augustus also has a distinct colourpoint coat. A fine example of the ragdoll breed. This lovely pet model is perfect for advertising campaigns, lifestyle photography, product placement and services of an elegant nature.

Cat Acting/Modelling Ability

A well-rounded boy, Augustus makes a wonderful cat model. Augustus lives with Alba (Cavalier) and Percy (Domestic long hair), so is happy to work with other cats and dogs. Therefore, Augustus can work in a number of roles without being phased by his co-stars.

Augustus is very chilled out and is adaptable to any situation. He particularly enjoys human contact and really enjoys snuggling up to his owners. Because of this, he is more than happy to work with human actors of any age; he just loves people.


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Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

Augustus is no stranger to photography sets and follows commands with ease whilst being photographed. Along with this, he is comfortable in new environments and stays calm, whilst awaiting instruction.

Augustus is perfect for any cat modelling role that requires a laid-back cat to look chilled and superior.


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