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Annie was born on April 19th 2014, sister to Spike. She is a dainty little cat, especially for a Bengal, but she has a huge personality. She loves interacting with the other family cats and her humans and those eyes help her get away with anything!

She can be very playful when she wants to be and only yesterday fell in the pond when she was trying to catch the fish and frogs – needless to say, being a Bengal, she didn’t mind getting wet!

She will follow her humans around like a dog, constantly chirping and purring. She is very confident and loves to kiss her mummy’s and daddy’s noses.

Annie has a fabulous coat pattern with golden glitter that sparkles in the light. She has done extremely well at cat shows where her coat has been described by the judges as being ‘like silk’ on several occasions. She is even more highly titled than Spike and has won Best in Show more often too.

She is an excellent traveler though she does like to get out of the carrier to see what’s going on around her rather than sleep.

Annie has over 100,000 likes on Facebook from all around the world.

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