Alaskn – Bengal
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Alaskn, the gorgeous Bengal born in March 2018, has very striking and precise markings.  A fine example of his breeding, Alaskn is a simply stunning Bengal.  Like many Bengals, he is intelligent and incredibly active.  He’s a real joy to be around.  One of his main character traits is that he’s very curious and eager to learn.

Cat acting / Modelling Ability

Because this kitty is very well socialised, he makes the perfect cat model and actor.  As he is lead and harness trained, his humans take him for walks regularly among his local community.  He is often walked near the road side where he wanders along happily.

His humans also often take him shopping; he is no stranger to the supermarket!  Because of this unique upbringing, he is more than happy to work outside, unlike many other cats.  He is a happy traveller, sitting calmly and patiently in either a car seat or supermarket trolley.

All of this makes Alaskn a happy and well socialised cat that is used to working in different environments.  This makes him particularly suitable for working in a studio or on a busy film set.


Harness and lead trained

Cat acting / Modelling experience

With bags of character, Alaskn is a real people-pleaser.  He makes a fan of everyone he meets.  He is incredibly intelligent and keen to please his handler, following instructions carefully.  With such an elegant look about him, it’s easy to see why he’s such an in-demand cat.  Trained cats fair especially well in studios and on set.  This kitty is one that will not disappoint.

Suitable for a variety of acting roles, he is a treat to work with.  As his training progresses, we are sure to see a lot more of Alaskn.


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