Alaskn – Bengal
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Introducing Alaskn, a beautiful male Bengal cat model who is available for animal hire. This handsome boy is incredibly intelligent and learns very quickly.

He possesses all of the features of a Bengal cat as he has the distinct markings on his coat paired with striking green eyes. He also has the prominent, high cheekbones and long and healthy limbs which makes him look athletic, slender and elegant.

The coat is a Bengal’s most notable and distinctive characteristic. This particular breed of cat is affectionately known as ‘miniature leopards’ due to their prominent and lovely markings.

Pet Acting/Modelling Ability

This beautiful Bengal is very friendly and loves being the centre of attention. He also enjoys being around his handler and loves to cuddle.

Alaskn also is very photogenic and also loves to be in the spotlight. This stunning cat is incredibly friendly and affectionate.

This clever cat also enjoys car journeys meaning he would be more than happy to travel to multiple locations at a long distance.

True to his breed, Alaskn is also extremely active and playful along with being a loving cat and having a gentle temperament. He also has dog-like qualities and is very family orientated. Alaskn also loves to dress up and does not try to remove it.


Give paw,
Only eats when instructed to,
Wears pet clothing + accessories,
Uses human toilet

Cat Acting/Modelling Experience

This cat is the perfect pick for any job role considering it has a unique coat and would be incredibly eye-catching.

Alaskn’s breed is currently growing in popularity and more and more Bengals are being seen in the media world. This means that Alaskn would be the perfect choice for any marketing campaign or any type of advertisement.

As this Bengal is a stunning cat, he would be suited to high fashion brand and products as well as jewellery brand or clothing companies.

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