Bring your snail to work day (sorry dogs)
June 22, 2018

22nd June 2018 is National ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’ but here at Urban Paws UK, we do things just a little differently. And why not?! Snails are simply fabulous pets.  They’re smaller, easier to transport and don’t make a big mess of all your neatly organized files. Okay, okay, maybe sometimes they leave a trail, but at least you’ll always know where the critter is hiding!  Our office snail, Sammy, is a Giant African Land Snail and he’s rather special.


Now we’re not saying we’re against dogs in the office, because of course, we’re not! We even have our own office dog and cat already. We just want to make the world aware that snails are great, and ideal work pals to keep your day fun and stress-free. When did you last see a snail buzzing with anxiety?  Never! They’re slow moving, chilled out, and love to eat. What’s not to love?! They sound like the perfect partner in life to me, if I’m being honest.

Healthy Initiative

Did you know that snail slime is fabulous for your skin? Lots of skin creams and anti-aging creams have traces of snail slime because it’s a natural treatment.  Instead of spending money on expensive cosmetics, with a pet snail, you can pick your little pal up and let him crawl along your face whilst typing away at your computer.  What’s better than a spa treatment whilst keeping on top of your emails?   What’s more, no snails are harmed in the process.  You never know you can look ten times younger by the time 5 o’clock rolls around.

Guys, they could even help you with your dinner! I mean how good is that? Those pesky green leaves that are on your sarnie that no one eats… perfect snack for your snail (just be careful there’s no salt); leaving you to eat all the tasty stuff… Is that a health benefit? Maybe not, but the snails getting fed and no food is wasted… I guess it’s beneficial in its own way eh?

Grab your snails, we’re going to work!

Grab a snail, get in the office and be prepared for an all round entertaining but chilled out day with your new slimy friend. You never know, he may even help you with your spreadsheets! Or, you know, just stick them to things and have a giggle?

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