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Guinea Pigs – The Big Picture

Guinea pigs are colourful characters, with unique personalities and quirks. Some adopt a more laid back, relaxed approach whereas others are much more vocal, energetic and curious about everything and anything. However, do not let this fool you, as even the most relaxed cavies become chatterboxes. They will squeak the house down if they hear the … Continue reading Guinea Pigs – The Big Picture

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Miss Teddy Giveaway

It’s the start of 2019 and what better way to celebrate than helping your superstar doggy kick it off in style? Urban Paws UK whole-heartedly recommends that you check out Miss Teddy; the fashion house for doggy apparel and accessories.  Hand made in the UK, the products can be shipped worldwide.  These products are high … Continue reading Miss Teddy Giveaway

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Mixed breed, fluffy and scruffy dog models are in demand!

Scruffy, fluffy dogs and crossbreed dogs have never been more popular in TV, film and media and here at Urban Paws UK, we love them all! Mixed Breeds The huge rise in popularity of mixed breed dogs has given a real boost to the diversity of dogs as often the puppies that result from these … Continue reading Mixed breed, fluffy and scruffy dog models are in demand!

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