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Public backing of Iceland’s Christmas advert heating up

Iceland Christmas 2018 advert hits a chord with audience The now-famous Iceland Foods 2018 Christmas TV advert features a little girl trying to rid her bedroom of a friendly “Rang-tan” (Orangutan) before learning that the Rang-tan is only looking for a new home because its own home was destroyed by humans harvesting Palm Oil from … Continue reading Public backing of Iceland’s Christmas advert heating up

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Hire Reindeer this Christmas!

Have you ever heard of a reindeer catwalk?! No.. neither have we, but we do have reindeer models for hire, at Urban Paws UK Animal Acting & Talent Agency. Reindeer are spectacular animals to work with and are fast becoming one of the most popular animals in the modelling world. They are regularly used for … Continue reading Hire Reindeer this Christmas!

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Little Mix – Dobermann Like Me

Here at Urban Paws we often have cause to get very excited about projects we have had involvement with. So when the highly anticipated Little Mix single arrived we could barely contain ourselves.   The reason for our excitement has all been made possible because of our star pet model and actor Osca the Dobermann … Continue reading Little Mix – Dobermann Like Me

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