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Walkies down the aisle

The wedding season has officially begun with the Royal Wedding this year. Apparently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set new trend not only about modern monarchy. As Meghan’s own beloved beagle-cross, Guy, rode with the Queen to Windsor and then attended her wedding, he instantly became the True Star of the Royal Wedding. When the … Continue reading Walkies down the aisle

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What is Animal Influencer Marketing and how does it Work?

Did you know that one in every three pet owners are millennials? Marketing research has shown that brands receive up to 295% more comments on content with pics of pets, and that the number of likes shoots up by 19%. A close look will reveal that everyone is waking up to the pulling power of pets and … Continue reading What is Animal Influencer Marketing and how does it Work?

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Argos (Sainsbury’s) Dog Yoga

Petercise (otherwise known as Pet Exercise, Dog Yoga or Doga) is the new growing trend for pet owners who want to spend time at the gym while also spending time with their nearest and dearest pets. After in-depth research, Argos have discovered that 65% of the population are now choosing their fluffy pets to be their … Continue reading Argos (Sainsbury’s) Dog Yoga

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