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Cats & dogs are increasingly used for marketing & advertising purposes. Every animal you see on TV, magazines, lifestyle shots is a professional model or actor. There isn’t one specific type of pet that’s particularly in demand over any others & an animal needn’t be a certain breed or pedigree to be a canine or feline star. Indeed, many different types of pets are popular for different kinds of work & that’s why we accept most well trained pets to offer our clients.


Anyone can join our agency & if you think your pet has what it takes then get in touch today in just a few simple steps.

Your pet’s profile will be assessed by lots of agents, photographers & of course film directors who are looking for animal hire for their specific brief. All of our work is always paid, which varies – all depending on the job.


There is a small one off cost to cover the cost of creating your pet’s online profile & of course the maintenance of their profile. The profile will include all details about your pet, images, showreel(s) & other data.


Cost of joining; 12 Month membership £20


If you are interested in joining then simply complete our dog model enrollment form below & once completed please send that and any related images/videos you might have to:


Dog Membership form

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