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Is your pet the next big thing?

Before going any further us you may want to read our articles on what Animal Agents are looking for (Dogs Modelling or Cats Modelling).

Anyone can join our agency and if you think your pet has what it takes then get in touch today in just a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Read through the article above about the various things that animal model agents and casting directors are looking for when hiring animals.

Step 2: Send an email to or or along with:
– Your name and contact info
– Your pet’s name(s)
– Breed
– List of known skills
– Video of the skills being performed
– Your general location

Make sure that the photos are against as plain a background as possible and includes headshots, images of your pet sitting, a side view, a full body shot, an action shot and a personality shot. If they can work with props it is important to show this too.

Take a video of your pet in action, showing off all their commands including sit/lie down/stay and any other top tricks and commands. Your pet needs to be able to take direction from approximately five to ten feet away from you.

Step 3: An agent will review your application and get in touch as soon as possible.

Membership fee 

There is a small one-off cost to cover the cost of creating your pet’s online profile and of course the maintenance of their profile. The profile will include all details about your pet, images, showreel(s) and other data.

Cost of joining; One-off lifetime membership payment of £40 per household (max 3 pets)

Can my pet become a model?

Animals are increasingly used for marketing and advertising purposes. Every animal you see on TV, in magazines and in lifestyle shots is a professional pet model or actor.

There isn’t one specific type of pet that’s particularly in demand over any others and your animal doesn’t need to be a certain breed to be an animal star. Mixed breeds are in high demand for pet modelling, as are pedigrees. Indeed, many different types of pets are popular for different kinds of work and that’s why we accept most well-trained pets to offer our clients.

Your pet’s profile will be assessed by lots of agents, photographers and of course film directors who are looking for animal hire for their specific brief. All of our work is always paid, which varies – all depending on the job.


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