Beckham: Londoner Ambassador
September 13, 2019
Daniel Keeling


When it comes to the most iconic parts of British life there are a lot of things that spring to mind.

– We have the best weather in the world (if you like rain for 10 months a year and then sunbathing for 2 months).

– We have some old buildings which look nice I guess (the Houses of Parliament are over 1000 years old!).

The Houses of Parliament

– We make a decent fish and chips (although they no longer come in an old newspaper).

– Oh, and we do love our football.



If anybody in Britain were to list the most iconic footballers of all time you would be hard-pressed to find a list that doesn’t have David Beckham on. 

The former Manchester United player spent two decades of his life as a player. In 2013 when Beckham retired from playing Football he had amassed 115 caps for England, only 10 short of the record (held by Peter Shilton). Earlier this month, David Beckham was also named Winner of the Editor’s Special Award at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards too. Go David.

Beckham on the cover of GQ magazine


Given how popular David Beckham is both in Britain and outside, there’s little wonder he was asked to be an ambassador for the Londoner Macao hotel. The resort is a celebration of Britain and will be based in Macau, China. Beckham was even tasked with helping with interior design work too.

“The Londoner Macao will feature stunning recreations of iconic British structures such as the Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Elizabeth Tower and clock face. The interiors will reflect a classic combination of elegance and grandeur.” (Business Traveler)

The Londoner hotel and resort – Visual


The first online video promotion for the resort came back in May when a short introductory piece showed Beckham walking the streets of London picking out the bits and pieces he felt were the best of British. From black cabs to red telephone boxes and old pubs – the ex-footballer along with two of his assistants scoured the capital.


Final footage hasn’t been released yet, but we can expect to see more footage shot at The Huntsman tailors on Savile Row.


The Huntsman is a legendary tailors – creating suites for the peak of British royalty, both literally and figuratively.

Previous clients include Kings and Queens as well as the likes of David Bowie and Winston Churchill and Eric Clapton, but just about every famous person you’ve ever heard of who has at some point in their lives worn a suit has been.

The tailors also served as the inspiration and real-life filming location for The Kingsman tailors from the popular movie series of the same name. The latest of which – The King’s Man – is due for release next year.

As soon as the new featurette is released we’ll be sure to update this article as well as publicise it online.