BBC Radio 5 live with Kirsty ‘Cooper’s owner’
July 19, 2015
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BBC Radio 5 invited Kirsty, Cooper’s owner onto Sunday morning’s live show, to talk about Coopers story and where it all began. Speaking to 5 live’s Sam Walker, Kirsty explained how she started Coopers training from a puppy, their unbreakable bond and how intelligent Cooper is that he picks things up easily.

Sam quoted something I had said in press this week about ”Cooper being too good for Britain’s got talent”. I feel Cooper is a different kind of talent, he is an intellectual kind of talent, ideal for children’s educational  broadcasts, rather than agility and performing. Most dogs on these talent shows are performing acts that are leading or performing ‘circus style acts’ and Cooper is a very unique act, he is more than a dancing dog on one of these shows.  Cooper is very capable of doing routines and agility but he’s better than that,as intellectual tricks and performances are what he does best and what people love about Cooper.

People are amazed when they witness what Cooper is capable of, so to feature Cooper doing his thing on a talent show, may not be dangerous enough or he may be pushed to become a more ‘gimmicky act’ and then he may lose his appeal.

This is only the start of Cooper’s journey, we sense big things for him and Kirsty and we want it to be an enjoyable experience for them both. Keep up to date with Coopers success journey here.

To listen to Kirsty’s 5 Live  interview please clink the link below.


5 Live on BBC Radio


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