Argos (Sainsbury’s) Dog Yoga
May 9, 2018

Petercise (otherwise known as Pet Exercise, Dog Yoga or Doga) is the new growing trend for pet owners who want to spend time at the gym while also spending time with their nearest and dearest pets.

After in-depth research, Argos have discovered that 65% of the population are now choosing their fluffy pets to be their new workout buddies. After finding this, Argos decided to put on a 2-day fitness event for people to attend with their dogs. The day contained HIIT and Strength Fusion, HIIT Blast, Circuit Strength, and Yoga Rejuvenation, though we’re more interested in the final class which is Petcercise.

Petcercise with Lucky

Petcercise with Maple

The exercise space doesn’t have any off-putting mirrors and uses nice and soft lighting so as to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere, as well as dispersing scents scientifically proven to increase productivity like jasmine, peppermint, and cinnamon. Carefully chosen music will also be played at a monitored level, while participants will be able to select a song to be played at the start of each session.

Bottoms up with Lucky and Maple



Back to the main attraction though: Petcercise!

This trend has been promoted heavily by Fitness Influencers on Instagram posting photos of themselves exercising with their fluffy fitness buddies, and is a growing niche in the industry. Given this, more and more Brits are finding that working out with their pets decreases their stress and offers a greater level of encouragement than traditional fitness partners. One of the key elements to Petcercise which appears to appeal to many uptakers is that it is open to anyone with a pet, regardless of other interests. From High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to simply running, almost any activity can be performed with a pet.

The key though, is that pets just offer better moral support than most humans, as confirmed by 46% of people who say that they rely on their fluffy companions and find them far less intimidating than other people.


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