Are cats taking over TV?
April 4, 2019

Are cats getting bigger and bigger in media or what!? We have been checking out some cat-related programme’s and loving it.


Catwalk: Tales from the Cat Show Circuit – This Netflix original documentary jumped onto our screens, phones and tablets. Showcasing some purrfect kitties with wonderful cat model worthy coats and sparkling eyes.


Urban Paws UK is no stranger to beautiful cat models, so when this show debuted it was a real treat. The show takes a lighthearted look at the cat show world, its superstars and their owners. Like the cats in this documentary, some of our cat models are show cats. Check out cat model and show cat Jak Frost.


We particularly loved the cats ‘retirement party’ showing all the cat owners, who can be competitive showing that the most important thing about the ‘cat circuit’ is friends and the connections people make along the way to making their cat a champion.


The love they have for their cats resonated with everyone here at the agency.


The Lion in Your Living Room – This documentary explains the links between domestic cats and their wild relatives. With incredible information such as how cats move their bodies when jumping, we loved tuning in.


Learning more about our feline companions is a great way to connect with our pet cats and allows us to understand what they need. After all, we all want our cats to be as happy as possible.


We have lots of stunning cat models here at Urban Paws Animal Talent Agency.

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