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About Urban Paws

The popularity of animals in the TV, Fashion and Advertising sectors increases each year, so here at Urban Paws UK we have created an ‘Animal Casting Agency‘ to meet the growing demands of the industry. As a nation of animal lovers, the combination of a great TV ad with a cute, heroic or comedic animal starring in it can provide huge resonance & help to create a much-loved brand within society that can last for years.

There isn’t one specific type of pet that’s particularly in demand over any others & an animal needn’t be a certain breed or pedigree to be a canine or feline star like Bob the street cat. Indeed, many different types of pets are popular for different kinds of work & pets of all breeds, shapes & sizes regularly make appearances on TV shows & adverts promoting products & services. Urban Paws UK offers Agents and Producers a huge selection of animal actors & models suitable for any kind of role. All our animals are extremely human-friendly, well-trained, obedient & are open to learning. At Urban Paws UK the welfare of our animals takes priority, so we always work with reputable and experienced animal handlers whilst collaborating with our owners & clients to achieve market-leading results.

We have been looking at Pet influencers and have some information for you to look at, click here.

We are confident that we have the right animal for every role, so when briefing us please provide as much information as possible including assignment details, budget & the preferred breed or specific appearance required. Remember, the more information we have about the type of modelling work to be undertaken and the animals required, the quicker we can provide you with an animal that meets your needs. Also to Find out if our dogs understand what we tell them, Click here.

Urban Paws UK is the best place to sell your story. We want real life stories about your own experience with your dog. Do you have a unique story to tell? Has your dog/cat saved a life? Or have you and your pet been involved in an amazing real life story that would inspire others? Whatever it is, we want to hear from you NOW!


About Layla – Animal Agent

Urban Paws UK is owned and managed by Layla Flaherty. The project began back in 2014 when Layla spotted a gap in the market due to the unprecedented demand for her Yorkshire Terrier ‘Buttons’. When Layla was travelling the country to fulfill her various TV & Modelling commitments, Buttons needed a safe and comfortable environment to rest and play. Layla also has a talent for spotting potential animal stars across the UK & has a passion for helping owners develop their beloved pets into stars. It is this talent & passion that inspired Layla to set about creating a bespoke casting service.

For many years Layla was a busy professional working within the TV and Modelling industries & therefore she required a safe, fun & bespoke environment for Buttons during periods of travel. Like all dog lovers, Layla was not prepared to compromise on Buttons’ care or well-being and craved an environment where Buttons could rest & play with his doggy friends. Hence Urban Paws UK was born, to provide a range of customised services for our four-legged friends. From animal talent agency, to boutique hotel & stunning pet photography, Urban Paws UK has your favourite pet’s needs at the heart of its culture & values.