About Urban Paws

Urban Paws UK specialises in supplying pet models and animal actors to a wide range of creative industries throughout the UK. Internationally the agency provides social media pet influencers as well as bloggers and vloggers. Inspired by TV’s Layla Flaherty and the increasing popularity of animals in TV, Fashion and Advertising, Urban Paws UK aims to provide the best animal talent possible.

Founded in 2015, Urban Paws UK has been using expert industry knowledge to provide the right animal models for TV, film, media and PR events. As an established animal agency we provide a wide range of talented animal actors to clients from SME’s to Fortune Global 500 companies.

Originally the animal agency focussed on dog modelling but rapidly expanded to cat models. Having achieved great success Urban Paws were then able to expand their talent pool and now boasts a whole array of wonderful creatures from Tarantulas to Llamas. As an agency with its finger firmly on the pulse, Urban Paws also provides puppy and kitten models.

In 2018 Urban Paws UK launched a Social Media Pet Influencer service, linking social media stars, bloggers and vloggers with brands. This exciting way to reach new audiences has proven to be hugely popular and is a rapidly growing part of the business.

2019 sees the launch of Urban Paws PR. With in house expertise, the agency offers bespoke PR campaigns tailored to pet businesses, allowing them to reach and engage their desired audience.

At Urban Paws UK the welfare of our animals takes priority, so we always work with reputable and experienced animal handlers whilst collaborating with our owners and clients to achieve market–leading results. 

Urban Paws Mission Statement “Talent is the number one asset that defines the success of a company. We will help you to find the right animal based on skills and ambition”. 

About Layla – Animal Agent

Urban Paws UK is owned and managed by Layla Flaherty. The project began back in 2014 when Layla spotted a gap in the market for a pet talent agency & animal actors. When Layla was travelling the country to fulfill her various TV & Modelling commitments, she noticed the rise in popularity with animal talents. She has a eye for spotting potential animal stars across the UK & has a passion for helping owners develop their beloved pets into stars. It is this talent & passion that inspired Layla to set about creating a bespoke casting service.

For many years Layla was a busy professional working within the TV and Modelling industries & therefore had a good knowledge of the industry as a whole. Hence Urban Paws UK was born, to provide a range of customised services for our four-legged friends. Urban Paws UK has your favourite pet’s needs at the heart of its culture & values providing the UK’s best animal talent & casting agency.