7 of the best animal influencers you should be following on Instagram
March 5, 2018

Instagram is a great platform for posting pictures of special occasions and even your day-to-day living, but the biggest benefit to using Instagram is the ability to follow as many fluffy (and some even some non-fluffy) creatures as possible in order to bring a bit more brightness into your life.

There’s no shortage of cute animal influencers online with Instagram accounts that deserve following, so to make life easier we’ve curated a list of 7 of our choice picks to start out with.

In no particular order…


1) Tuna Melt the Chihuahua x Dachshund cross. 1.9m

Tuna is full of character and has the most adorable underbite that gives him a permanently quizzical look.


2) Henry the Tortoise (AKA TheNotortoiseBig). 17.5k

Henry is a 17-year-old Sulcata who lives in New York with his owner. He likes to spend his time running around the house and wearing costumes. We hear he likes pizza too, but that could just be a stereotype…


3) Atchoum the werewolf cat. 288k

Atchoum is a super fluffy cat who, get this, looks like a werewolf/gremil hybrid!

He actually has a condition which means he grows more hair than he is supposed to, but that he has turned that into his niche, by fully embracing his wise old professor/ crazed werecat look!


4) LilBub the magical space cat. 1.7m

This tiny cat just oozes personality and always looks like the happiest cat in the room. His Instagram charts his daily life and is one of the cutest things you will ever see.


5) Jack the Wallaby. 29.1k

Jack is definitely the worlds cutest kangaroo wallaby in a pair of undies!

6) Loki the Wolfdog. 1.7m

This big fluffball has a bit of wolf, husky and malamute in him, which makes for the perfect blend of adorable multiplied by fluffiness.

He likes to spend a lot of his time out in the snow and takes some fantastic photos.

If good things lasted forever, would we appreciate how precious they are? ?: @acoucke

A post shared by Loki (@loki_the_wolfdog) on


7) Doug the Pug. 3.2m

Doug is your ordinary pug, except that he loooooves pizza and getting dressed up. He spends most of his time salivating over some of the best looking foods, all with the biggest loving eyes you’ve ever seen. He’s living the dream alright!

“‪I think I went overboard again‬” -Doug

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If you’re interested in working with animal influencers, you can read more about it here.