2019 – Year of the Pig
February 1, 2019

According to Chinese Zodiac, the pig is the 12th animal in the 12-year cycle of zodiac animals, as in numerous myths, the pig was the last animal to attend the Emperor’s party and had to take the last place. Within the cycle of the zodiac animals, every 12th year relates to hai, which is  Earthly, and more commonly known as the Year of the Pig. In Chinese culture, the pig is seen as a symbol of wealth, and is often associated with personality traits such as intelligence, generosity and being hard working.


As pigs are intelligent, training a pig is incredibly similar to training a dog and as long as time is put into the training, they can learn a wide variety of tricks and commands. Not only does the training create a bond between owner and pig, but also allows the pigs to direct natural behaviours such as digging, into suitable actions which are beneficial to the pigs and also saves the flooring and carpeting from damage.

Animal talent

As a result of successful training, pigs can make excellent pet models, even gaining lots of followers across social media platforms. Combining personality and successful training can lead to work in advertising and marketing campaigns as an animal actor, as animals are often used in film and advertisements. For example, the film Babe, which focuses on a pig who wants to herd livestock like a sheepdog, required 48 pigs to play the role of Babe the sheep-pig. More recently, in the 2018 “Bedtime Story” TV commercial for the Amazon Echo Spot, pig actors were featured in the advertisement, demonstrating the scope for the use of animal actors, such as pigs.

Gucci x Disney – Year of the Pig Collection

The fashion industry has recently embraced the Year of the Pig, with Gucci leading the way as their latest collection is a collaboration with Disney, featuring pigs. A specially designed pouch GG motif pouch is available in the collection which features a patch of Disney’s Three Little Pigs characters, which is available exclusively online in China and Hong Kon.  There are also many different styles of bags, jumpers, trainers and other clothing items and accessories available in the collection, all of which feature pigs, as inspired by the Year of the Pig.

Pig Actors

Ispini is a gorgeous mini potbelly pig and one of our pet models available to hire here from the agency. As a pig full of charm, with an adventurous spirit and varied list of commands, Ispini may just be the perfect actor for your next advertising campaign. Why not check out his profile with us.

As Gucci demonstrates, there is a wide scope for pigs, not only in the fashion industry but also expanding into other advertising and marketing campaigns. There are a wide range of pig breeds, which come with many different sizes, hair types and colours, and therefore a wide range of opportunities for them to be used in campaigns.
Here at Urban Paws UK, we have lots of animal talent, and therefore can find, hire and source the perfect piggy models or influencers for your job needs

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