Gucci marketing campaign ft. Harry Styles and Haribo (Styles)
June 13, 2018
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Harry Styles has been the unofficial representative for Gucci for a while now, often sporting their printed and floral suits, though it was only with their latest campaign that the world renown fashion house made things official by casting the teenage heartthrob front and centre in their Fall 2019 men’s tailoring campaign.

The ads – which were filmed in North London – feature the 24-year-old wearing various suits surrounded by a plethora of animals, from chickens to dogs and cats. The campaign appears to show Styles walking around the London street, pet chicken under the arm – wherein he walks into a chip shop and exchanges his chicken for a portion of chips and walk out to sit on a wall while he eats. Amazingly he manages to cover his chips with tomato ketchup without any of it splattering onto his suit, which can only be a testament to the superior design of the suit.

Styles showcases a range of different outfits in the stills, as well as in the accompanying video, though none are better than this number.

The campaign seems to be going for a low-key tone, with the global superstar visiting what would otherwise be an unassuming busy London chip shop, though it’s the menagerie of animals that signifies that this isn’t your average ordinary everyday superstar in a chippy – this is a Gucci after all, and the outfits were anything but low-key.


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