Name: Winny

Breed: Pembroke Welsh Corgi

More information about this dog

Winston aka ‘Winny’ is a 3 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, tri-coloured Kennel Club registered dog from London. Winny is a popular pooch, with a strong social media presence making him a very in-demand influencer for brands. To date he has almost 50k followers on Instagram ideal for an marketing campaign.

He is incredibly happy, confident, super friendly, great at adapting to new situations & environments and always loves meeting new people of all ages. He’s visited loads of different places around the UK and France so he’s great with travelling by car, train and other public transport.

Winny his modelled before & has been published in Dogs Today magazine & Companion Dog World magazine. He has modeled for Tabby Rabbit illustrations & Pup Tart dog bow ties. Winny can also can be seen on MrsSizzle for a London Doggie fashion feature. He is part of the Kennel Club’s Famous Dogs of Instagram, where he’s done meet & greets at Discover Dogs & Crufts. He has also been a guest on London Live TV.

Winny is well trained with basic commands such as sit, lie down, roll over, paw/high five, leave, wait, heel & others such as bang, speak on command, spin, treat balanced on the nose & stick them up. Winny is an ideal dog for working with props & accessories. He’s always enthusiastic about learning new tricks & being a Corgi he is definitely food motivated but that is nearly rivaled by his love of his toys.

Winston absolutely adores other people & is very friendly with kids & other animals. Since his owner is a photographer he is incredibly used to being photographed & filmed in various different situations such as the great outdoors, indoors and under studio lights & with props & he absolutely loves it!

Winny recently worked with Dr Scott Miller for ‘Vet on the Hill’ promotional advert. He is a suitable dog model for pet modelling roles.

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