Name: Indica

Breed: Dalmatian

More information about this dog

Indica is a female black spotted, 3 year old Dalmatian. She is a stunning animal with an outgoing & friendly temperament. Indica is an active dog capable of great endurance.

Indica is very well trained with many commands, she can sit, bow, stand, lay down, lift individual paws one after the other, can put a paw on your knee, can put a paw on your foot, can turn around, can jump high & far, runs very very fast & she can catch treats thrown to her. Indica can sing along to squeaky toys, can bark when asked to speak, can counter surf & will run along the side of a bicycle. She is very food orientated & will do anything for it.

Indica wears coats & jumpers with no problems &  is very well socialised & gets on with other dogs. Indica often gets compliments on how calm she is for a Dalmatian & how she is a great example of her breed, true star paw qualities for a dog model. Indica recently shot a commercial for Hooters shoes Autumn/Winter TV advert 2015.

Indica’s has worked on a ‘Pet Model’ shoot for The Atlas Magazine, editorial Ilka & Franz, images below. Her most recent work includes a PR event for KidZania, Lily’s Kitchen & PDSA working with children &  PR shoot for Haven Official & most recently appeared in the Dan & Phil Christmas advent calendar.


She is an ideal pet talent for a variety of roles suitable to work with other pets & people of all ages.

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