Name: Cooper

Breed: Shih Tzu

More information about this dog

Cooper is a 3 year-old male shih tzu. He has a derpy/goofy appearance which makes people laugh wherever he goes. However, his appearance belies his intelligence; Cooper can stick his tongue in & out on command and knows around 60 different commands & tricks, including “put the shapes in the shape sorter.” He also has two viral trick videos to his name, both of which have aired on national television in America.

Cooper has more basic commands than your average dog, including sit, lie down, beg, shake hands, roll over, stay, dance (spin around on back legs in a circle), standing/walking leg weaving, standing on my feet while walking & more. He’s friendly with animals & people (including children), calm, tolerant, & patient. He’s very biddable & will happily repeat the same command dozens of times.

This Shih Tzu is a very unique & talented dog & deemed more intelligent than a toddler by American & UK press!! Cooper is regularly feature in UK press making appearances in the Sun, the Mirror & the Daily Mail as being ‘more intelligent than your average toddler’.

He recently filmed an ‘intelligent pets’ documentary for Channel 5. He is loved by brands & seen as an influential pet with a large social media presence & to date has over 20k followers on Instagram & this is growing daily. He is part of the Pets at Home ‘Pet Panel’ campaign, reviewing their latest pet products.


He is suitable for small roles requiring pet models.



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