Name: Amelia

Breed: King Charles Spaniel

More information about this dog

Amelia aged 5 is a female King Charles Cavalier. Her frame is small & her deep red fur is shiny. She is beautiful & distinctive; her blond thick curly ears, large brown eyes & white chin will captivate any audience. You’ll see her wagging her tail walking along with her fluffy blond paws. She is the most gentle & patient little girl with an incredible temperament – a joy to work with, she is excited to be the center of attention.

Amelia is trained in all basic obedience. To date she will sit, stay, come, swirl around, lie down, stay very very still , tilt her head, lick her lips, follows hand gestures & will look in whatever direction you want her to. She is almost like a mannequin & can be posed or placed in any pose you want & hold it like a true professional.

She is very controlled & good at being near food & not touching it until given the command. She will also wear clothing attire with no issues. She will do just about anything asked of her, she is very engaged & willing to learn or do anything. In particular she is very good at being positioned into the desired pose & holding it. With her owner she has done a lot of photo shoots sitting in hand bags. Amelia is very reactive & her eyes are connected to the camera lens. She loves having her photo taken & is ideally suited for photo shoots due to her patience. She is trained with hand gestures & high pitches voice commands.

This Spaniel is very calm, she adapts to the day & makes no demands of her own. She loves everyone, humans & animals alike. Her best friend is a little rabbit, she also works well with horses, other dogs & cats, an all round dog that also loves to swim.

Amelia is fast earning her title of being a pet social media influencer with an Instagram following of 10 k followers, ideal for marketing campaigns.

Amelia is a stunning example of her breed, suitable for small pet modelling roles.

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