Alfie – English Springer Spanie

Name: Alfie

Breed: English Springer Spaniel

More information about this dog

Alfie is a 5 year old working English Springer Spaniel, with stunning good looks he is fast becoming a firm favorite as a pet model. Alfie has an extrovert nature & is in demand as an energetic Spaniel model. He is a sensitive boy but a loyal, loving, high energy, athletic dog who is always eager to please. He excels outdoors, he just loves to run, dive & swim – the perfect action dog.

Since his owner is a photographer he has had plenty of experience in front of the camera, working with a number of boutique companies to model new products, always managing to bring his quirky personality out in any projects he takes on. He is currently the face of the Bib&Tucker’s Harris Tweed Collection, DukeLovesFergie & Masion Le Lou (Brand Ambassador).
Alfie has been trained in a number of disciplines all through positive reward based training methods, knowing basic commands such as sit, stay, down, hold, roll over, paw, play dead, “stick them up”, spin, speak & hold most items/objects. He responds well to both verbal and visual cues & is a quick learner so he can learn any required tricks in a short space of time.

Alfie is a quite an action dog, with a friendly & happy disposition, he will dive into water, leap about, climb on to any object & loves any opportunity to have fun in mud or water. He is a very popular pet on social media & brands love him with a strong following of almost 20k followers.


He is a dog that is suitable for most roles & willing to work in any environment.

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