Why Cats make Such Good Pets
December 4, 2017
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Cats are great companions and self-sufficient pets, less demanding, cute and cuddly and absolutely hilarious constantly entertaining.



Its always the moments when they are doing something stupid that you don’t have your phone to hand, but luckily with cats it wont be long until they are at it again.




They don’t need to be walked like dogs do, but these days it is not unusual to see a cat on a lead leisurely strolling down the road in it’s little jacket.


People say cats cannot be trained, but this is not true, cats can be trained to sit, beg and fetch just like dogs if you have the time and the patience you can teach them pretty much anything, even to use a humans toilet.




This is why so many have their own Instagram and Facebook pages with thousands of followers.

People liking a sharing cat gifs and videos daily of these random little creatures full of curiosity and mischief.

 Here we have Milk and Oreo who have a huge following on Facebook with over 230’000 followers’



Milk and Oreo


Cats have taken the internet by storm for a long time but as there is also high demand for employing them for TV shows and adverts and photoshoots, these cute little pets are well and truly on route to stardom.

So these little fury balls of cuteness have their own social media accounts and a job… soon they will be driving around in fast cars.

So overall they are clean, loving, self sufficient, loyal, funny and just weirdly great, and what’s so sad is there is so many cats out there in need of a forever home, where they could either be living the high life, or just being given lots of cuddles and love.

…… and what better Christmas present than a kitty in a box

So if your deciding on a pet for the family home, or just as a companion… then get in touch with your local cat protection agency or RSPCA (see Links below) and become a crazy cat person.

Cat Protection League




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