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June 28, 2017
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With so many pet foods on the market it really is hard to know what to feed your beloved pooch and most of all what is healthy, nutritious and tasty?

I have always been a keen advocate of eating clean as a healthy diet means healthy mind & body and I am a firm believer in ‘you are what you eat’ and the same goes for my Yorkshire terrier buttons. I wouldn’t give him any of the commercial pet foods or anything with nasty additives or preservatives so I have always found it easier to cook for him – that was until I discovered BUTTERNUT BOX!!

Buttons is the ultimate FUSS-POT and everything must pass the taste bud approval. Unless it’s home cooked he will not entertain it and I only have myself to blame for the a-la-carte menu he has had since a pup. This company is genius and most of all my savior as they have saved me so much time, money and effort as they have taken over my culinary disasters and my little fur baby is thanking me for it.




My first point to make about these ready-made meals is the smell! Every time I cut open a packet, that unique smell of fresh herbs and home cooking hits you. The food is almost too good to put into the dog bowl and I have been tempted to have a taste myself. After asking the guys in the office, they inform me everything is made by hand and then taste tested by humans to make sure each and every batch passes the taste test and it certainly shows. My ultra fuss pot Yorkie doesn’t even hesitate he just gobbles the whole lot up and has be known to look for more!


This isn’t just another company offering a simple solution to pet food, this company take pride in what they serve and have an amazing team behind the brand. The guys at Butternut box will go out of their way to ensure efficient customer service and they are only a phone call away to answer any questions you may have.  My main concern was; could I alter the meal ingredients and keep Buttons on specific dietary requirements and this wasn’t a problem. So any dogs on a special dietary needs do not worry as these guys can alter accordingly. I specifically chose the foods I know Buttons likes so I tailored his meals to turkey, lamb and beef & rest assured there is no added grains.

How it all works

Each meal is a complete food for dogs made with 60% fresh meat (available in chicken, beef, lamb or turkey), is grain free, seasoned with sage and they guarantee to use only human grade quality ingredients every time. It is cooked to order and placed into perfectly sized packaging and frozen. The food is delivered in refrigerated boxes so if you miss the delivery the food will stay frozen and cool for a few hours. Each order can be placed for either 4 weeks worth of food or 2 weeks, the choice is yours. Then you simply take a packet out of the freezer, let it defrost (which doesn’t take long) and simply serve to your dog.



Since I have started using Butternut Box I have noticed Buttons is sleeping less & has much more energy. He also enjoys mealtimes more and most of all I have noticed an improvement in his behaviour. The biggest positive is I have more time as I am not constantly preparing nutritious meals for him, and I can confidently provide him the Butternut ready-made ‘honest’ meals knowing he is getting a balanced diet. It couldn’t be any easier as the meals are being delivered straight to my door.



I couldn’t think of a better pet food for my dog and it’s lovingly made in the UK. Unfortunately not every dog is fortunate to be a Butternut Box dog, that’s why for every furry new customer that signs up, they donate a much needed meal to a less fortunate dog that’s found itself homeless or in a shelter.


For more information please visit Butternut Box website.

Thank you Butternut Box!


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